openPICUS wireless sensor platform project

Posted by openPicus | On: Mar 18 2010

Here we are, the first post.

openPICUS project is born to let developers (hardware and software) create their advanced wireless sensor applications even without any hardware experience. We’d like to share and to create this platform based on a community to analize the user needs and the experts ideas.

We’ll offer to the best contributors a FREE Evaluation board with Wi-Fi

So why PICUS? The platform is based on the 16 bit Microchip PIC microcontroller (24F series) and since the idea is to create a Wireless (flying) small and light module (a PICUS is not like that?) with a full series of sensors boards for it (NEST): Temperature, vibration….

PICUS will be available in 2 option: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (any idea of cool names? read below)

The project is open Hardware, we provide schematic and all the documentation if you want to develop your special NEST.

We will share the Code as well, to let you start with your own development, your own applications and we wish you do the same.

The pinout of the module will be standard 2,54mm with PCB connector (header) and side pads (for direct soldering onboard, like a SMT component).

Picus Dimension: 32mm*35mm*6mm (small no? we’ll try to make even smaller)

Pinout (26 pins)
+5V Input (or +3,3V)
UART (Tx/Rx)
I2C interface
4 Analog Inputs (10 bit A/D)
5 Digital Inputs (3 can be used as Interrupt)
5 Digital Outputs (3 can be used for PWM)
SPI (to drive an exernal display)

Naming, we have some ideas, but the brainstorming just started….
Woody (WiFi)
Pecker (Bluetooth)
wiPICUS (WiFi)
bePICUS (Bluetooth)

Do you wanna start Brainstorming with us? The best name creator will receive a FREE development board with WIFI module


  1. G.F. says:

    ZigPicus?? Why not. Zigbee, wifi, bluetooth triage connections…

  2. picus says:

    No Zigbee, we don’t support it since it’s visible that zigbee was the biggest no sense revolution in last years.
    Zigbee is not working on low cost platforms (there’s even no enough space for the routing tables!)

    Triage is interesting…. :-)

  3. picus says:

    Triage is interesting…mmm…triage! :-)

    Ok I return back serius. Zigbee is out of our project since it’s the biggest tech lie in the last 4 years.
    No cheap silicon solution can be Zigbee compliant, simply ’cause there’s no enough space for routing tables….

    So only Bluetooth and Wi-Fi at the moment

  4. Peter says:

    Interesting project!

    The picus has some related families like:
    Piculus (sounds a bit like ‘pic’ for ‘all’ of ‘us’)

    or perhaps FiPicus (or PhyPicus/PhiPicus) for wifi
    Picazure for bluetooth (azure is some kind of blue), not related to picachu 😉

  5. picus says:

    thanks for your post, PICAZURE is very nice! We’ll add it to the final list of names.

    For the Wi-Fi is a little more difficult, no colors…mmm…let’s brainstorm more and more….

  6. stefano says:

    Well, “Wood pecker: climbing bird that feeds off larvae found in the bark of trees.”
    So I liked OUTBARK for wi-fi version, and BLUEBEAK (’cause birds haven’t teeth haha…) for BT version.

    Oh, wait, another wi-fi variant: FEATHERNET (very light net, indeed!)

  7. picus says:

    The idea of BLUEBEAK is brilliant!

    We are gathering all the possible names and soon we’ll ask you to vote, to choose the best one

  8. stefano says:

    For the Wi-Fi, I’d suggest FLYINGPORT.

  9. picus says:

    Thanks Stefano, FLYINGPORT is nice name!

    PICUS Bluebeak (Bluetooth)

    We just posted the schematic of the Wi-Fi module, comments are welcome!

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