PICUS display, which one?

Posted by openPicus | On: Mar 19 2010

Rome, spring is here! 18°C outside and the temptation to go out in Villa Borghese park is too strong to rexist!

However we need to decide which display size to integrate on the PICUS evalNest board, we have 2 choice: LCD 2*16 or LCD 4*20 chars

Display will be SPI connected (to avoid too many cables between PICUS module and it):

This is the 2 raw/16 chars version (small and low cost)

This is the 4 raw/20
chars version (bigger and higher cost, but more to show of course)

Ok I go to the park for a walk, maybe later somebody will share some ideas with us ? (sorry but I can rexist to everything except temptations….)


  1. G.F. says:

    I prefer the first one. Why? Low cost and the opportunity to create the best software to show more. I suppose also that one of the target of this project is low power consumption… ecoPicus… 😉

  2. picus says:

    you’re perfectly right, low power is important issue. Thanks for your comment

  3. The first one, low power consumption and more easy to use.
    The second, maybe, in another release…in the future!

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