PICUS – Wi-Fi module schematic

Posted by openPicus | On: Mar 25 2010

According to our roadmap we just released the schematic of the PICUS Wi-Fi module

It’s based on Microchip PIC 24F 44Pin Qfn processor and we have the ZeroG Wireless (just acquired by Microchip) Wi-Fi SPI Low cost module with integrated antenna.

The module has a simple LM1117 regulator to convert 5V DC in to the 3.3V DC needed for the micro and so on.

The Voltage reference for the ADC is ADR5048 (2.048V), since the ADC is 10 bit you’ll have 2mV/bit

The connector is SMT type IDC Male 26 ways (standard pitch 2,54mm) that will let you connect PICUS to its Nest board directly or by a flat cable.

There are 2 leds on the board: one is the STATUS (Run-Programming-On) and one is the Connection (Connected/Disconnected) that are in parallel to 2 Digital outputs that you can use for external leds as well.

According to our Open Hardware philosophy you are free to download Eagle file here on GoogleDocs

We’ll start PCB development in the next 3 days, some comments on the schematic are welcome!

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