PCB PicusWi-Fi Rev.0

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 01 2010

We finished 5 minutes ago the first PCB version, we think we still need to fix something (silkscreen and some minor issues) but it’s ok to start prototypes now.

We will have the ready prototypes (10pcs) around 10th of April.

Bluetooth version will come 10 days later

Here are some pictures, if you want we can send you the gerber file as it is



  1. Anonymous says:

    on the sot223 you need to change the relief connect style if you want to use the pad as a heat sink.

    also, when tracking out of smt pads its best to have one entry/exit point only. This helps with surface tension in mass production to avoid tomb-stoning and torquing the components off the pad.

    also, maybe not on this rev, but on the next maybe put a guard ring around that crystal.

  2. picus says:

    Thanks we’ll modify the pcb according to your suggests

  3. Gip says:

    Hi, I would make a version with all the components on the opposite side under the module. This would reduce the size of the long side by about half. Factory soldering would become a bit of a problem, but you can just factory-assemble just the components part and let the user solder the module, so poor hobbysts like me can save some money! 😉

  4. The pcb it’s ok but in any lines there are a 90 deg angle, with rf signals it’s not a good thing
    See the link below:


    In my experience, for 1.2 and 10 GHz, lins are only in 90 deg.

  5. picus says:

    Thanks for your suggest!!!

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