Prototypes PCB

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 29 2010

PCB prototypes are in production! We’ll receive the first 10pcs batch (picus module wifi + first evaluation board) on 4th May

We’ll mount at record time and let you know about first testing….

Who wanna start first applications?


  1. iw4epo says:

    how much? can i have one?

  2. picus says:

    these first batch of boards is not for sales. To have one for free we need you propose a project for it, send us documentation and later all the info will be shared with the community
    For now only 4 boards are still free, let me know

  3. Alejandro says:

    For now, I have a controlled rectifier with a java interface using usb. It would be nice to use a tool like picus to send commands in order to select angle and so to control voltage without wires. How does it sound?

  4. picus says:

    It sounds very interesting! send me an email with your project details and we’ll publish your project and you’ll send us updates.

    We can give you 1 demo kit!

    send me email


  5. Alejandro says:

    Done! Great Day!

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