evaluation Board: It’s ON!

Posted by openPicus | On: May 20 2010

Yesterday we mounted the evaluation Board PCB for PICUS. The board is very simply, just USB connector (for communication and power over usb), female connector for the PICUS module and all its signals are available on screw connectors.

Steps we followed:
1. Mount the prototype
2. Verify that there are not short circuits between Vcc and Gnd (the most common mistake, strange no?)
3. Power by current limited power supply (not by PC the first time!)
4. Measure the output of the regulator
5. Insert PICUS
6. Connect to PC: works!! :-)


  1. G.F. says:

    Did you tested it on distance?
    Wich is the effective bit rate versus distance diagram in open space???

  2. G.F. says:

    Is it possible to create P2P connections? And what about multiple point connection? I have in mind WiFi mesh networks.
    Very interesting project.

  3. picus says:

    We are starting the software development just now since we have only now the prototypes. P2P connections seem possibile and also ad hoc. Multipoint is a standard Wifi LAN, so it’s possible to realize a kind of mesh

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