PICUS Wi-Fi – Pictures of prototype

Posted by openPicus | On: May 14 2010

When a project starts everything is in your mind then development is going and at the end you can see the results. Well normally the first and the last part is the most exciting!

We received on 12 May the PCB prototypes and yesterday evening we mounted the first “GOLD” sample.

We are very excited to start development, to see code running and applications on Wi-Fi PICUS, but in the meantime we’d like to share with you the pictures of the module, comments are welcome!

(P.S. Silkscreen of PCB was avoided to save on PCB cost, do you think silkscreen is needed?)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Complimenti davvero!!!!
    Solo una curiosità quanto costa?Sarei intenzionato all’acquisto.

  2. stefano says:

    About silk screen: I don’t think it’s critical.
    This is an open source project, so layouts and docs are public and available to the Community.
    I know industrial processes need this feature, me not.

  3. Claudio says:

    @Anonimo: per ora non si acquista lo regaliamo. A chi contribuisce al progetto o a chi ci prospetta applicazioni interessanti che una volta sviluppate vorrà condividere.
    Per l’acquisto c’è ancora tempo, indicativamente Settembre 2010

  4. fcarlo says:

    Hi all,
    I have a bad news and a good one.

    The bad one:
    As mentioned in the “Microchip TCP/IP Stack Version Log Version 5.25″ (Application Library v2010-04-28) the ZeroG ZG2100 802.11 WiFi controller is no longer supported.

    “Applications that must stay with this device should continue to use TCP/IP Stack version 5.20b or earlier.”

    The good one:
    There is a pin compatible replacement module for the ZG2100 (Microchip part no. MRF24WB0MA) and for the ZG2101 (Microchip part no. MRF24WB0MB) as well.

    As mentioned in the “Microchip TCP/IP Stack Version Log Version 5.25″:

    “Added support for the Microchip MRF24WB0 802.11 WiFi controller (module part number MRF24WB0MA). This product is intended as a backwards compatible, drop in replacement to the ZG2100. The MRF24WB0MA should work with previous TCP/IP Stack versions as if it were a ZG2100M, but when the MRF24WB0MA is used with this (5.25) and future TCP/IP Stack versions, feature improvements inside the MRF24WB0 allow the TCP/IP Stack code/RAM size to be smaller and run faster.
    The WiFi connection management state machines now run on the MRF24WB0 instead of the PIC host, freeing up code and data space. Connection profiles can be created and the connection algorithm fine-tuned by the PIC application.”

    It seems to me that the only change they made is the firmware that run on the module ZG210x, the hardware should be the same as the old one.

    You can find the whole story here:

    The new datasheet here:

    Please ask to Microchip which version of the module are available on MicrochipDirect before buying.

    Greetings from Italy :)

  5. picus says:

    @fcarlo: thanks for the info. Yes we knew about this from Microchip and they said that it’s just a new firmware and a new product code since the original company is now bought from them.
    So to make a “Microchip compliant” product code they changed only this, not the product in any part.
    We’ll pubblish some news as soon about this

  6. nos86 says:

    In this moment, I work to develop an Server TCP that can excute bash program on PC.

    The think is that to control PC as TV.
    The PC is will connected to home via Home Automation.

    I good idea to use PICUS is to realize an remote control such as zapper with touch screen display

    Nos86 – salvo.nos86@gmail.com

  7. Gip says:

    It would be nice to implement Google Power Meter APIs. http://www.google.com/powermeter/about/
    I would happily develop the hardware but I will need a bit of help for the software side. Anyone?
    For reference, you can see my work here (the only project I published so far):

  8. picus says:

    @Gip: very interesting! well this is a good design idea, send me an email with some details (we can help you or the community can of course)
    my email is eikonmobile @ gmail.com

  9. Hi all, we are an Italian company, Hardelettrosoft, and we would like develop for sale a demoboard for this device and share all documents and schematics. Isn’t it a good project? The benefit are for all :)

  10. picus says:

    Companies interested to develop around PICUS are welcome, of course everything must be shared to respect the goal of the project: low cost and social oriented

  11. I have post in my blog a proyect to make, your own proyect with this module, the explanation is in spanish :/ but I think that with a little of desire can be read. Like I can see this proyect can be a great proyect to start to develop. I use the microchip firmware modified. I based all in a 18F but changing the correct parameters this module can be used. Great Work!!.


  12. Claudio says:

    Hi Guillermo great job and thanks for the presentation of Flyport in spanish, is useful for us!

  13. Awesome.. I was looking for this pcb pic for many days to get some ideas from it.

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