WIFI PICUS: first project in Mexico WINS a free starter kit!

Posted by openPicus | On: May 05 2010

Our follower Alejandro from Mexico won one of the first starter kits that will be available around 15th May.

His project consist of a controlled rectifier that he’ll interface with PICUS module to enable wireless control of the system using a PC or a smartphone by Wi-Fi

Here are the doc that Alejandro sent us, the project name is CANIS LUPUS :-) he will also send us updates of project to share with the community



  1. iw4epo says:

    I don’t understand…can explain more?

  2. Alejandro says:

    Thanks Picus!


    Main idea is to “cut” voltage by using SCRs inside a scr/diode bridge. SCR are activated with delays according to alfa in equation 1.1.

    By doing this, you can make an integral from a reduced wave that comes from original input AC.
    And so to have a controlled average voltage.

    Let me make math demostration, and look for references in books that will speak better than me.

    Nice day!

  3. G.F. says:

    Hi Folks! It seems a good idea… WiFiPicus could became the hardware backbone for this kind of projects:
    open wireless mesh networks…

  4. picus says:

    Hi G.F.! welcome to our blog and project. We can discuss around your Ninux, I read your blog and it’s preatty interesting a cooperation

    Contact me eikonmobile @ gmail.com

  5. Alejandro says:


    Power Electronics: circuits devices and applications, Chapter 10: Controlled rectifiers by Muhammad H. Rashid. Ed. 3.

    I have a link to the book in spanish:


    And this theme is in page: 469.

    If someone find the book in english it would be perfect!

    Nice day!

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