Bootloader, BRUTUS, works!

Posted by openPicus | On: Jun 02 2010

This is the first post after an amazing experience like a blinking led 😉

Well it’s amazing since it’s the first time we downloaded the firmware into picus WIFI module using the DS30 bootloader that we modified for our platform (and we called it BRUTUS).

1. We downloaded the bootloader using the PICKIT from microchip (our picus pinout is compatible with the 6 ways connector on this programmer:
MCLR 1 26
VDD target 2 24
VSS ground 3 22
PGD 4 20
PGC 5 18
NC 6 16

2. We moved the jumper on the starter KIT (J1 and J2) to the PC position, it means that the UART of the module is connected to the FTDI and then to PC

3. We connected the starter Kit to the PC using USB cable (the internal FTDI chip created the COM28 virtual serial port)

4. We launched a serial port sniffer to check what is going on that port

5. We launched the Bootloader GUI and we choosed one small firmware (led blinking) to check that the BRUTUS is running on the module

6. The bootloader works in this way: if in the first 3 seconds after Chip reset you send a firmware it’ll store into the flash memory

7. Reset (pushbutton) then download from Bootloader GUI (within 3 seconds) and the firmware is downloaded!

8. Reset again, picus WIFI led starts to blink!

Now everything is working, we’ll pubblish the bootloader code, GUI and so on in the next posts.

Here are some pictures of our work.


  1. Anonymous says:


    I started ds30 Loader GUI for programming the FlyPort.I connected the USB Nest,but the Brutus Bootloader(ds30 Loader GUI) dose not recognize the USB Nest.
    I have made the brutus user guide options recommended from openpicus and also switched the reset button on programmer within 3 seconds.I have tried all the ports available in there.
    Still NO Success.
    All my USB port works fine.Also,I have tryed on two computers.
    If somebody has time to help,please contact me on

  2. picus says:

    Please post tech questions on the new Forum on

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