IDE development, wanna contribute?

Posted by openPicus | On: Jun 03 2010

Here we are, testing on modules are going ahead and we are busy with the IP stack and with the first Hello World applications to let developers start faster.

Now we need your help, we need expert programmer that will develop a simple IDE for PICUS platform.

Basically it’s a simple .Net software that will:
1. Text editor (advanced with automatic recognition of C commands)
2. Batch compiler (we just need to start the C30 compiler from Microchip that’s a simple .exe)
3. Downloader (we have the source code of the Brutus bootloader)

Later we’ll also make this IDE more advanced, with a Wizard to let you start your project in short time, for example “ad hoc network”, “standard network”, “temperature sensor” and so on. The IDE will create automatically the right C header files (we’ll give you these files) to avoid to lose time around this.

Who wanna contribute can contact me directly or comment here


  1. outroot says:

    Should this even be considered done in .NET? What about crossplatform capability?

  2. picus says:

    We are open to each suggest, since we are firmware guys not PC 😉

    Crossplatform will come later since microchip assured us they will port their C compiler to Linux and Mac (not before october)

    Wanna develop the app? any good idea?

  3. G.F. says:

    I can contribute, but not for free.

  4. stefano says:

    You may consider developing a plugin for Eclipse RCP IDE, a C/C++ editor is already available in the plugin list and cross-platform feature is guaranteed by Java platform.
    Unfortunately, until holydays I have no free time for coding. If you can’t wait, maybe someone from the Eclipse community will give you a hand…

  5. picus says:

    We already started with an expert that already developed advanced text editors and IDE from Belgium.
    We have to run now, but we can consider Eclipse for an advanced version.
    Now the biggest problem is that the C compiler from microchip is only for windows, but they said us that the linux/mac version will come before end of year.

  6. Giancarlo says:

    Hi, why do not use something like JAL ?

  7. stefano says:

    I see you and bid again: why not SYSML? :)

  8. Giancarlo says:

    Do you mean Systems Modeling Language ? I do not know it but looking in the web I do not see that there is something ready for PIC. I’m using JAL now for some ‘easy’ project. I have realized a Freejalduino board and I’m working on moving some project on it. It is enought easy to program with it. I think that could be important also to be able to use different IDE to program the openPICUS so that everyone could use the one that prefear.

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