FlyPort and Starterkit Nest AVAILABLE on

Posted by openPicus | On: Aug 27 2010

FlyPort module and Starterkit nest are in production at Eikon in these days. They will start shipping on 08 September and you can place your order online from now on
Prices (excluding VAT and Shipment) are: FlyPort 49 Euro Starterkit Nest 19 Euro These prices are for samples, for higher volume the price will be much lower thanks to the agreement with Microchip USA that is following us with good support and prices. In the same days we’ll release the first source code for the WEBSERVER application (we are still cutting some unnecessary parts) to let you start enjoy the power of FlyPort.


  1. Are you going to do the same kind of device for 802.15.4?

  2. picus says:

    During 2011 we can consider the 802.15.4, but for now no.

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