Getting Started, updated

Posted by openPicus | On: Sep 27 2010

Today we modified the website (finally….) in order to make a real getting started guide for our customers.

We remind that on each module we upload by default the Brutus serial bootloader and the WebServer Ad Hoc mode.

Now there’s also a CAMPUS page, where we pubblish the list of Universities that are already working with our modules and will share with our community the code.

Please check the guide and the website, in case of mistakes please let us know.


  1. antoine says:

    I’m student at Polytech’ Tours in France. I’m planning to work with the Flyport module. I’ll email you when I will have the answer of my tutor on the subject.

  2. picus says:

    great! check on the CAMPUS section, it’s our program for Universities

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