7 months of project, exciting!

Posted by openPicus | On: Oct 30 2010

Sometimes is nice to sit and think (when there’s time….). Today I was thinking about the starting of our OpenPicus project, it was March.

In the beginning we had this idea and the idea was immediatly putted on this Blog. We started brainstorming together with this community and after 7 months we have lot of friends all over the world and universities working together with us.

We started from this:

And today we are here:

We started from samples, tests, tons of code made and tested (and destroyed sometimes!).

Now is end of October and:
1. First production batch is already over, we need to run a new lot as soon!
2. Our CAMPUS program (free kit for Universities) is appreciated all over the world and we receive 2-4 requests everyday from schools and students.
3. We have lot of companies testing the product and ready to start to use it into real products!
4. We changed the code to use FreeRTOS and to make the programming easier
5. We are working to make libraries and code easier, will be really easy!
6. We almost finished our IDE!!!!
7. We have our open space at Tecnopolo Tiburtino in Rome (Tech park) and we are thinking to organize an hands on day here as soon (free entrance of course!)

and….last but not least: MICROCHIP decided to show FlyPort module at the next Electronica Fair in Munich (Germany) as one of the best products of 2010!!!!

We are happy, really, but we also know that this is only the starting.
Please forgive us that we are posting just every 15 days or more, but we are really working day and night on the code in order to post GREAT big news as soon as possible.

We need help, energy and experience from our community. So, Stay Tuned with us! :-)


  1. Anonymous says:

    where is the IDE?

  2. picus says:

    we have beta tester working and we are finishing some features. We wanna release as soon as possible, but we also want to release it without bugs!

  3. Viral Sachde says:

    Keep it up ! ! ! Your efforts are great. Wish you good luck.

  4. picus says:

    Today Microchip was here. They were impressed about the new IDE and the operating system. Hope we’ll release as soon for everybody!

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