We have Operating System! FreeRTOS running on FlyPort

Posted by openPicus | On: Oct 12 2010

FlyPort is running FreeRTOS!

We started talking about integration of OS in June. The main reason to integrate an OS is because we need to keep separate the Wireless Stack and the Application.

For example if a firmware has a bug or a delay on the Application it may cause the disconnection from the Network.
With the OS this problem is solved, since the Wireless stack is running indipendently from the Application.

We’ll release officially the FreeRTOS on our platform not before Middle November, lot of testing is needed.
We think that the porting of the OS is a great step for our platform, in order to make it more reliable, stable and indipendent.

Some info on FreeRTOS (http://www.freertos.org/)
FreeRTOS is a light, royalty free mini realtime Kernel. It’s the “standard de facto” OS for embedded systems.
FreeRTOS is licensed under a modified GPL
and can be used in commercial applications under this license


  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t find the place where you release your modified version of the OS….

  2. We didn’t modified freeRTOS, we just integrated it into our framework

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