The D Day is near!

Posted by openPicus | On: Dec 22 2010

From 11am to 8.30pm, not for a firmware development, no libraries, no PCB design.
We just spent so much time to write down on a paper an easy explaination of what OpenPicus is now
(yea some ping pong as well, just to brainstorm!)

A little history: we started with an easy integration, just a single board module with processor and transceirver. Then we wondered why users must buy a programmer, so a serial bootloader was added.

No way, we needed to make programming and code easier as well, we didn’t like too much MPLAB, so we started to develop our IDE and Libraries.

We understood also that the Application + Stack needed some multitasking, so we successfully ported and integrated FreeRTOS onboard. So now the OpenPicus is a real software framework and really powerful!

In the meantime we moved to our new office, the LAB (in the ITECH incubator for startups) in Rome.

So now the project has changed a lot from the beginning, the new Bluebeak Bluetooth module is developed as well and we have in our plans to add a wired version (people is pushing us!)

Now you understand that today was not so easy to describe OpenPicus today, but at 8.20pm we did it and we’ll write down on the new documentation that will come with the IDE official release.

Yes, the official release. We decided the D day : 20 Jan 2011 at 1pm (Italian time).

On will be available:
1. IDE (programming, compile and firmware download) for Windows
2. Libraries (to manage hardware and communication stack with simple commands)
3. Documentation (basically a complete manual to use the Libraries
4. Small modification on and a new clear Payoff and project description (we hated this step, but we had to do it!)
5. We are not sure but we hope to make a video introduction about us (Claudio and Gabriele) and about the LAB.

The beta testers said that the IDE is really nice to use and powerful, so stay tuned, the D day is near!!!


  1. G.F. says:

    Now is time to do the same for linux.

  2. antoine says:

    good job guys!

  3. Li Yinbei says:

    I’m waiting for the D day.

    Merry Christmas and happy new year.

  4. picus says:

    @G.F. For Linux we really need help, would you like to port our IDE to Linux?
    Guys thanks for support and Merry Christmas and happy new Year!!!!

  5. antoine says:

    This year Xmass will be on the jan 20th !

  6. picus says:

    We’ll also make some modifications to our website and we are running to prepare documentation! Enjoy and stay tuned!

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