IDE Release and new informations

Posted by openPicus | On: Jan 23 2011

20th Jan was only 3 days ago, and already thousands of downloads of the new IDE, thanks!

We received a lot of compliments and also some small bugs to fix and a request for a cleared documentations.

We are working on this and we just released the following:
  • Website – Get Started! Page with more detailed info
  • Website – FlyPort Page more info about Pin naming and functions
  • Datasheet – Released the new rev.3 (download on Flyport page)
  • Programming – On the new datasheet we make clear the link between PCB pin name and programming name used for each signal.
  • Demo: the application Buttons and Leds was not connecting to your network since the Connection command WFConnect(WF_DEFAULT) was missing. Now it was fixed, rev 1.1
We are working also on a Forum, now we have it for internal use becuase we wanna pubblish the most asked questions and we wanna answer there. We’ll release it to be pubblic as soon as possible.
Now we are answering to your questions, one by one!

NOTE: Please don’t ask questions about TCP/IP and other things you can find googling. We received email regarding the difference between Ad Hoc and Infrastructure mode….well you must know this before starting any kind of wireless App! Thanks! :-)


  1. Hello,

    First of all, great job!

    I had no problem with the ad hoc network example, but I couldn’t make the DHCP client get an IP address (although joining the access point was reported as OK). I tried it with WF_DEFAULT and WF_CUSTOM (with appropriate parameters). Is the DHCP client fully functional?

    Thank you!


  2. picus says:

    For sure you made a mistake on TCP/IP setting or you have somethin on the Router.
    Flyport connects without any problem normally.

    Anyway send us email for tech question to

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