Mechanical standard for NEST boards, any idea?!

Posted by openPicus | On: Jan 07 2011

We are getting crazy! Yes we can make OS portings, libraries and IDE and…..we can’t define a BOX for OpenPicus systems! :-)

We are brainstorming to define a Mechanical standard for NEST boards (carrier) to let you create your system in easy way, just like LEGO BRICKs philosophy.

So, we need your help! What do you need or prefer?
We are thinking you need a Housing for your creations based on OpenPicus, right?

We have several options:
A. Commercial Plastic housings (to be customized for your special app)
B. Standard DIN housings

For the commercial plastic housings we found several suppliers:

For the DIN housing we mean something like:

Please take a look to these solutions or propose something to us, we need your help since we wanna define this Standard around end of January, to start to design the first NEST boards!


  1. you should definitely use DIN rail mounting; think of the final application are in the IoT; if you have DIN support you can install a OP node in any wiring cabinet of a building and if you want to interface it with more devices this is the place where most of the people would install it;
    anyway you could define also a non-din enclosure but i would strongly suggest that the main reference be DIN;

    happy launching :) even if i’m an arduino fan you should try you device too: it is cheaper than an arduino+wifi shield :)

  2. picus says:

    Thanks Alexandru, we have several opinions about this issue.
    Lot of people would like a nice box, because they want to make wireless sensors or other Apps for their home automation…..we are keeping all your comments and brainstorming in mind!

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