IDE 2.0 download it now!

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 26 2011

We are ready! Finally!

Yes we uploaded the IDE 2.0 with the following news:
1. Wizard (TCP/IP setup) is much faster than 1.0
2. Project Templates – You can use, create and save your templates.
3. There’s a Project explorer
4. Debug messages (compiling errors)
5. Serial monitor
6. Program memory size monitor
7. Some minor bugs fixed from version 1.0

Go to Get Started page and follow step by step the guide to install your IDE 2.0

We released the IDE 1.0 on 20th January 2011 and we hope you will appreciate the 2.0 that is much faster and user friendly.
Some documentation will come in the next days, sorry time is always lacking!

IDE 2.0 is an advanced beta release, no deep beta testing was done but we are preatty sure about it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the new release of the IDE. It is great and it works fine. You made big improvements and it was worth to wait for it!


  2. picus says:

    thanks Addy for the support, we really hope people find it useful to develop ideas on flyport easily

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