Show Up opened! First app Wi-Fi controlled RC Car

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 13 2011

Today we opened the “show up” section and it’s a great pleasure that the first application comes from a student, our friend Antoine Monmarch√© from France.

Antoine made a great work, an Android application that controls, using Wi-Fi a RC Car. Flyport is there to receive data from the Android device (using its integrated accelerometers) and to drive the Servo motors using PWM function.

It’s really a pleasure that this first “show up” is completely open because the author decided to share the code of the application running on the module and of the Android application he developed.

Here you can see the application and there are also contact details to discuss with Antoine (we hope that a company will contact him to create a commercial product based on this smart idea!)


  1. Sam Huang says:

    RC servo is to position its output arm to a position that exactly corresponds with the movement of the corresponding stick, switch or slider on the transmitter. RC servo is controlled by sending them a pulse of variable width. It parts very useful in toys.

  2. picus says:

    Sam this is a great app. Did you developed this app with Flyport?
    If yes please send us some info and pictures or video and we can help you to show it to the world!

  3. Sam Huang says:

    Hi I visit your blogs and read content. It is nice information. Your services RC servo are very nice services. Your site and blogs is very nice. Your services are best qualities products. I am very impressed from your services.

  4. John Sid says:

    Thats great application that you can control RC car through wi-fi of a cell. Its new technology for the ios as well as andriod..

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