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Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 05 2011

Yes, show up!

We are receiving lot of emails from developers that started to create great applications on Flyport…we are thinking to create a new part on the website to let you show everybody your application!

We really appreciate and everytime we receive some news we stop from our stuff and start to talk about this email, video or website. It’s a great energy exchange and we hope to make it grow giving this opportunity to Show Up!

Just some of them we received during last days:
– Webcam connected to Flyport remotely controlled over webpage
– Flyport connected to Neato vacuum cleaner
– Flyport with RFID reader to fork lift security
– 3 axis accelerometer webserver app
– Flyport Arduino style socket board to connect Arduino’s shields to Flyport

And many more!

It’s gonna be good idea also to avoid double developments and to push on sharing. Yes sharing. People are sharing their ideas, code and videos with us…thanks!
So get ready, the new section is ready. Prepare project description (not more than 750 chars), pictures or video and give us the link to your website/blog. We’ll review your project and post it to let other people enjoy!
Maybe will be the occasion for somebody to attact the attention of companies…..and make business on passion, embedded wireless! Let’s go!

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  1. Claudio says:

    The first 2 project added, both of them decided to share also source code, perfect example of open source and open mind people!

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