openPICUS is growing, styling needed

Posted by openPicus | On: May 27 2011

Yes, the project is growing. That’s good, we are happy to see that new resellers are interested to Flyport and people are talking about on blogs, social networks and forums.

So now it’s time to grow up. We started the project as 2 people with enthusiasm and goodwill but now it’s not enought. We are very busy on development of applications and working on the core of openPICUS framework and IDE, but we also need to answer on Forum and to communicate on the network.

We are now trying to find somebody here to follow communication, because we want that the openPICUS platform grows in professional way.

2 days ago we were at Lab and we started to look to our website and the rest of communitation. We thought that in comparison with other project we must make a beg step, we need to renew (or to create maybe!) an image for the project.

New Colors, Logo and website are the first goals. Where to find this professionals? In our community!
Yes, there’s an guy, he’s also programming on openPICUS, who has a small graphic and webdesign studio. We spoke, we saw his past works and we liked!

It’s very nice that the community is useful also to create new small or big business opportunity. Actually we have another idea for this (to let you create a business on your passion) but I’ll tell you later, when from the idea will have a shape!

If you have any suggestions, about logo, colors, website or any idea you think is useful for the project, please comment here or on Facebook, we appreciate brainstorming!


  1. Peter says:

    actually, I find the current logo VERY good!
    If you’re not changing the name, keep the logo :)

  2. picus says:

    Peter, thanks! Name is not under discussion, name will remain openPICUS, but the logo….very often people call it openFICUS! :-)

  3. Claudio says:

    nice artwork! thanks we’ll condider it! actually we are waiting for some proposal but every single idea is always important

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