Think an app and win a Flyport!

Posted by openPicus | On: May 16 2011

Today here at the picusLAB we made some experiments and there’s a way to make Flyport update your Facebook status or Tweet something!

Now we wanna start brainstorming with you about some possible applications and the best idea will be prized with a FREE STARTER KIT

We will also develop your idea and publish it! Let’s squeeze your brain!


  1. picus says:

    we were thinking to a flyport connected to our pingpong table with several pushbutton (one for each of us). The winner pushes the button and automatically the message will be online.
    But the battle will be bloody then… way!

  2. Peter says:

    It’s easy to come up with something to twitter about, but something that is actually usefull and worth pursuing? Not easy… The reverse could also be interesting, to display twitter/facebook messages, for example on a big screen at a festival.

    You could also put a solar/battery operated one on top of a mountain to tweet about weather conditions at the top. Just point a directional antenna at the top of the mountain and check online if the weather is good enough for skiing, mountainbiking or hiking.

    Is there support for flickr? Attach a cmos sensor and upload snapshots to flickr (or facebook/twitter) of special locations or events. You could even turn this in a flexible monitoring and alarm system with motion sensors and infrared. Bad guys instantly on the internet =) (or people pissing against a roman monument)

  3. Peter says:

    btw, just a small question… Is there a specific reason that the blog settings are in Italian? For some people it might be a little unclear what the text on some buttons or links is :-)
    Not that I mind, but just curious 😉

  4. picus says:

    nice ideas, actually we are still looking for the real killer application for Twitter/facebook, something supercool….but we are engineers, no fantasy! :-)

    For the Blog settings I changed something to English, is it working now?

  5. emuboy says:

    A multi pourpose device:

    the flyport fetch the feed from twitter, if it find a know text (that you can configure via web interface) it close a ralay, read an input, digital, analog and so…and post result (web interface allow configure that too…) ex:

    –flyport’s twitter channel (private)—
    my twitt: “temp?”
    flyport twitt: “23°c”
    my twitt: “turn on heater”
    flyport twitt:”Done.”

  6. picus says:

    emuboy thanks! So you are thinking a kind of high level protocol to read/write (communicate generally) and act from twitter? Cool!

  7. emuboy says:

    yes,in this way, the device don’t need to handle direct connection with the client,this type of configuration can handle many clients without flood the picus…

  8. emuboy says:

    so…is this free kit already asigned?

  9. claudio says:

    no yet, we are gonna create a poll on Facebook and the winner will be chosen from the users.
    We are receiving ideas also by email and so we’ll put everything on FB as soon.
    But your idea is really the nicest at the moment IMHO, just need to investigate more if it’s possible to read from twitter, we tested writing and it’s ok

  10. emuboy says:

    Dev documentation say is possible….

    Sto decisamente abusando della grammatica inglese 😀

  11. Peter says:

    Claudio, blog is still in italian, for example the dates of posts and “claudio ha detto…” and the buttons to post a reply.

    Btw, I’m an engineer as well, I know the feeling 😉

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