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Posted by openPicus | On: Jun 29 2011

We just received this news from France: openPICUS has a new parner there, Giga-Concept Company, that intends to actively promote our platform to the market, especially in automotive applications where Giga-Concept has lot of experience.

Promoting openPICUS needs a technical background and a good local technical support. Giga-Concept was impressed by an application we published in Projects section, the Android remote controlled WiFi car.

The developer is a young but talented programmer, Antoine Monmarché, who decided to share his cool application with the rest of community. This application was the final exam for him at University.

So they get in touch and had a meeting and they advised us that from September Antoine will start to work with Giga-Concept!

Claudio Carnevali, who’s in touch with Antoine says : This is exactly what we wanted OpenPICUS to be. More than a project, a place where people are sharing their ideas and apps and, why not, they can find a job. We are even more happy that this person is a young guy just graduated, he believed in open source when he decided to share his code and now he has this opportunity. Today to find a job is difficult and we wish all the best for this new adventure


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