ANSA/CNN RSS reader with FlyPort

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 08 2011

Flyport wireless capabilities allow to design a powerful and affordable RSS reader. The reader in question is characterized by the dynamically acquisition of RSS feeds from not protected by SSL server.

The example provides the connection to ANSA server (Italian News Agency) or CNN which fetches an RSS feed with the latest news stories. Indispensable, in this project, it is the presence of the API library parse.h permitting to extrapolate the downloaded text parts from files.

The FlyPort firmware provides the connection to the wi-fi network you want, and via a single common HTTPdynamicPARSE feature, you can connect to the ANSA/CNN server (or any other) to download the RSS file and implement the parse.

The parsing rules are built with the utmost precision in order to achieve the best possible result, so you should read the documentation for the library parse.h. In output through the virtual serial port, we’ll have updated the latest news by ANSA/CNN.


  1. beppe2810 says:

    I have to make an application to synchronize the Flyport RTC whith Internet (eg.
    I understand that there are similarities with this project.
    The source of this project are available?

  2. Gabriele says:

    Hi Beppe, the code will be available soon…
    However, if you need to read time from internet, you can connect to an SNTP server. Flyport can easily connect to one of them…

  3. DominusOP says:

    Hi, where Can I buy the board under Flyport?

    It’s perfect for my applications!


  4. DominusOP says:

    Ok… please… soon like… october, november? I should know it because i must finish the project for my boss :)
    Thanks a lot

  5. Claudio says:

    We don’t know, depends from the company. Send them an email, thanks

  6. DominusOP says:

    Ok thanks I ask them immediately, but what’s the name of this board?

  7. Claudio says:

    I guess it’s gonna be “openPICUS explorer board” or “openPICUS development board”

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