Eikon makes an Arduino shield adapter board

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 18 2011

This is a brand new board, few prototypes are ready, we just received from Eikon. Arduino has a lot of shields and now is gonna be easier to build prototypes. How it works? Basically it’s just a passive board with a FTDI USB to serial chip. It’s longer than the Arduino boards since there’s a female connector for Flyport.

So Flyport is gonna be the Core and the wireless part of it (of course there’s not any other processor onboard). There are the standard female Arduino style connectors in order to be perfectly compatible with the shields. But we wanna let people understand that there are not libraries for each shield, so if you have an Arduino shield you must make the code porting to use it with Flyport.
Some nice shields to be used are:
Xbee – what to create a Zigbee to Wi-Fi gateway?
Motor Control – For the robotic apps
Relays shield – Turn off and on your devices at home, over Internet


  1. Great move ! This opens up to lots of possibilities. There isn´t yet an extensive library to support all those shields on the PIC platform but proceeding in the spirit of the OpenPicus IDE the project could add library code for some popular shields.

  2. Claudio says:

    Hi Gunnar, actually this board is not part of openPICUS, it’s just a simple socket to let users benefit the wide range of shields and thanks Arduino that made a standard in the embedded! However the users can make library porting, for example the LCD library we have was ported easily from a user!

  3. fatmi says:

    That is a nice work, does it have any instruction and how much does it cost?


  4. Shaun Marsh says:

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