FlyPort smart Wi-Fi 802.11 module on Giga-Concept

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 11 2011

With more than 15 years of experience in electronic development (radio frequency, custom made coaxial connectivity, RFID and piezoelectricity) Giga-Concept helps manufacturers resolve their problems with cable or non-cable connectivity.

We are happy to announce that our WiFi module FlyPort is on Giga-Concept. Flyport is available in 2 versions:
– integrated PCB Antenna (MRF24WB0MA)
– external Antenna version (MRF24WB0MB) with uFL SMT connector.

Flyport provides the following services:
Webserver (even Ajax apps can be run),
TCP Socket,
UDP Socket,
SMTP Client,
SNTP Client.

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  1. nigoberto says:

    We are blessed to advertise that our WiFi bore FlyPort is on Giga-Concept. Flyport is accessible in 2 versions: chip PCB Antenna, alien Antenna version.

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