openPicus development platform: How to create your first app

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 25 2011

It a step by step guide to create your first project using the openPICUS free IDE. The video shows the TCP/IP Setup Wizard, the utility to configure in an easy and intuitive way the features of the wireless network (whether it’s network infrastructure, whether it’s an Ad Hoc connection). The simplicity of programming is highlighted in this simple application because using openPICUS the multitasking framework based on FreeRTOS deals with the stack and the basic processes letting the programmer concentrate on only 3 files: the application itself, the network settings and events connection.

Integrating Wi-Fi stack with MPLAB would be possible but you have to work with more than 50 files and no OS. The real revolution of openPICUS is to make easy embedded applications even without any experience of using stack or operating systems. The application makes simply available an ad hoc network when a button is pressed. All this in 5 lines of code.

With the openPICUS IDE is obviously possible to compile the application, using the C30 compiler and download it on the Flyport module without any programmer (because there is a serial bootloader loaded on board).


  1. DominusOP says:

    Can I put Flyport under domine? Thanks for help

  2. Simone Marra says:

    Sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean… can you explain a bit more in deep what do you want to do?
    Do you mean a Windows domain?

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