Sensaris mHealth BT/Wifi Bridge

Posted by openPicus | On: Jul 04 2011

Sensaris mHealth BT/Wifi Bridge Sensaris brings a new mobile health monitoring solution for mobile diagnostics to patients and caregivers – anytime, anywhere.

Sensaris mHealth devices.
A modular suite of Bluetooth-enabled devices, named SensDots, composed of:
• Pulse Oxymeter
• Blood Pressure Monitor
• Glucometer
• Thermometer

The Bluetooth/Wifi Bridge is designed for bidirectional communication to control each of these biomedical devices.

Thanks to Flyport, that is embedded into this new device, the time to market was shrinked to a few weeks instead of months.

How you can use it?
Using the Bluetooth/Wifi Bridge, you can:
• Use the Sensaris mHealth devices with any Apple devices: iPads, iPhones
• Use the Sensaris mHealth devices with any Wifi devices: Android tablet, plug computer…
• Control and monitor multiple devices through the bridge and handy web application hosted directly on the bridge embedded web server
• Send data to your remote server
• Set your own Bluetooth, Wifi and remote server settings
• Connect the bridge to your internet network


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  2. Nikhil Srivastava says:

    Hi iam a hoem automation product manufacturer .
    we are loooking for similiar solution like this .

    we want to access 3 bluetooth relay boards from asingle wifi router.

    its similiar to zigbee to wifi converter for home automation.

    thnak you
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  3. openPicus says:

    We develop custom solutions for a veritable number of industrial clients.
    If you are interested in us developing a solution with you, please contact us directly, or use the online chat system on
    A blog is surely not the place for such discussions 😉

    Best regards

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