Campus project ends – no more free kits

Posted by openPicus | On: Aug 23 2011

Today we decided to ship out the latest free starter kit (Campus project).

It’s really sad for us, we wanted to help students, researchers and teachers, but the feedback is really under any kind of negative expectation.

The Campus project role was quite simple: we provide free hardware for your project, you develop and share the code with the rest of the community.

It’s easy no? But except few universities (really a few….) all the others project presented didn’t had any result in term of code and sometimes even in terms of news on their projects!

So we’ll continue to support universities, giving them special prices or conditions, but no free kits anymore we are sorry.


  1. mnlgarbe says:

    That’s sad, I was encouraging my university to ask for one,but August is a bad month.

  2. Claudio says:

    We are more sorry then everybody else because we wanted really to help people using a platform that after university can be a real working platform for them

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