Flyport meets Microsoft Kinect – Video

Posted by openPicus | On: Sep 30 2011

Yes, we like to play first of all :-)

We have been at Hackitalyday 2 weeks ago and we decided to work on the interesting Microsoft Kinect. The goal was to create something to be remotely controlled by body movement…..

Well, why not a car! We bought a RC car, we destroyed all the electronic inside and we putted Flyport Wi-Fi module connected to the Motor and to the Steering, using PWM outputs and some drivers.

We easily developed a firmware using openPICUS IDE to receive commands over Wi-Fi. In the video you see the Car with Flyport onboard, the Kinect sensor and PC. Everything is connected on the Lab Wi-Fi network and we are able to drive the car using body movement.

We can increase/decrease the speed, change direction and turn.

Do you have other ideas? Maybe a quadcopter? Tip us!


  1. GiorgioneTg says:

    posso venirvi a far visita??

  2. Claudio says:

    ciao certo il nostro Lab è sempre aperto ai visitatori! Scrivimi via email ciao!

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