openPICUS has a new Logo!

Posted by openPicus | On: Sep 25 2011

The story of a project like openPICUS starts from a discussion, an exchange of point of views.

Day by day the discussion takes a shape and becomes a sketch and a prototype.
And the speed increase, a blog, a website a forum and lot of interesting projects.

We started in March 2010 and now it’s September 2011 and we had the honour to be invited to speak at Open World Forum 2011 in Paris last Friday.

We never expected such way for our project, we just wanted to create something useful to connect stuff to internet! :-)

We had a first Logo for openPICUS and to be honest we had to make it really running because no time that period. Now we wanted to change it, but keeping some points in common with it that maybe was an important part of our lucky project!

So, here’s our new Logo and soon…..a new website will be there for!


We hope you like it, comments are welcome of course!


  1. Laurentio says:

    Really much better than the previous one 😉 I like it

  2. impy says:

    But … why not blue again?
    It really does not fit in the homepage :)

  3. Claudio says:

    You are right…but the homepage will change soon as well…. 😉

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