FlyportLAN module: PCB is ready!

Posted by openPicus | On: Oct 19 2011

The pcb development has been completed, the new Flyport LAN 10/100 module is ready!!!

This new module is mechanically identical to Flyport (35*48mm) and same JP1 connector (26 ways) in order to be compatible with some of the existing expansion boards.

There most interesting news about this module are:
1. A second connector, JP2, where are the Ethernet Signals (including power) and extra pins from the Microcontroller
2. RJ45 connector will be mounted onboard as option (otherwyse you can add an RJ45 on yours)
3. An extra 2Mb FLASH memory onboard. Bigger websites or firmware upgrade on the air will be possible.

Next week we’ll receive the samples and we’ll turn them on. We’ll let you know here about first testing. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to keep up to date with the latest news.


  1. Charudatt says:

    Wow……… looking forward to it. Hope, its as versatile and better than the IOBridge Module.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting news 😉
    Nicolas (apsidev) from France

  3. rfvito says:

    Really nice, that is what I was waiting for.
    Hope to have one has soon has possible
    Remote firmware upgrade is desired in all systems connected to networks and 2Mbits woww
    And the price will be like the flyport wifi?


  4. Claudio says:

    @Charudatt: it is different because our modules you can program directly the firmware, so you have full control of stack and application.
    @Nicolas: this module will be faster than the wifi (because the transceiver is up too 100Mbit….cool for your applications eh?)
    @rfvito:yes remote firmware is very cool. We made the beta version and seems to work fine, but testing is needed, it’s a critical function!
    About the price we are waiting the final data after 1st production, but I feel will be cheaper than Flyport WiFi

  5. rfvito says:

    Hi why is the RJ45 connector optional? Soldering an RJ45 cable is not nice hehe
    But are you thinking that this board will be a part of a base board that does already have an RJ45 connector is that right?

  6. Claudio says:

    Sorry we were not clear. We are gonna have 2 version, one with rj45 onboard and onw without. The second version is ok for those applications where the module is not near to the front panel, where normally you place the connector. For example on nest and mininest the connector will be on these boards now on module due to the mechanical space inside.

  7. Charudatt says:

    Would it be using the same Nest Board as for the WiFi. IMHO, not having a RJ45 on the module should be optional(LoL). Looks promising. JP2 would be interesting to watch.

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