openPICUS to Arduino shield socket is now available

Posted by openPicus | On: Oct 28 2011

openPICUS partnered with Arduino for you! openPICUS to Arduino socket board let you use the Arduino shields with the openPICUS modules.

The board is 100% compatible with the Arduino mechanical and 3.3V electrical standard, but there’s no Arduino processor inside. The processor will be the openPICUS module you will decide to use. For example you can use Flyport to have a powerful, programmable, Wi-Fi connected system. You can use this board also to download firmware to Flyport using the USB connector.

openPICUS to Arduino shield socket is available here


  1. I found the Relay Shield by Seeed Studio is very useful for controlling various mechanical devices:

  2. JML says:

    Is there any experience and porting of some libraries to OPicus ? to support arduino shields ?

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