Multiroom audio controlled wireless with FlyPort

Posted by openPicus | On: Nov 04 2011

Speakercraft MZC-88 is a powerful multi zone audio controller/amplifier capable of switching eight different audio sources on eight zones. Lawrence Watts has posted a very interesting project to control the Speakercraft device using the Flyport. The UART port of Flyport has been connected to an RS232 transceiver to modify the signal level and to properly communicate with the Speakercraft, so bidirectional communication is assured. Then he has developed some webpage to control all the functionalities of the multiroom controller.

So, simply using a web browser, it’s possible to change the audio sources and automatically switch them to a single room, or to the whole house, change all the volume in the zones, and even control the play/stop functions of the sources.
In the webpages is also possible to display a video server and control it to change the TV channels! All the webpages re optimized to a perfect view with the iPad.
Really a great project!
The schematic:

Here’s the video:

On openPICUS Forum you’ll find the project. Good job, Larry!

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