New NEST board for lighting and home automation applications

Posted by openPicus | On: Nov 28 2011

Finaly the requested NEST board useful for lighting and home automation applications will be ready on sale around mid Jan 2012. The NEST board can be used to turn on/off the loads or to dim the lights.

Two inputs are also available to monitor the switches or other digital signals. Nest board is compatible with Flyport WiFi and Flyport Ethernet

It has the following specs:
– Four Relays 220V/5A (for lamps or loads up to 1KW)
– One Dimmer 250W – optoisolated (to adjust the brightness of the lamps)
– Two inputs (dry switch or 0-5V or 0-10V)

The schematic is ready, now we design the PCB and then straight to prototypes! Download the schematic from Scribd

The product will be on sale around mid Jan 2012.


  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you intend to drive the dimmer? Doesn’t the zero crossing circuit prevent the efective use of dimmer?

  2. Ionela says:

    You can connect directly a Lamp Bulb (250W max). The zero crossing circuit is onboard

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, my question was not detailed enough. I am working on some Home automation boards with Open Picus for blinds and light control.

    I am planning to use a Solid State Relay for turning the lights and controling the blinds.

    However, I don’t yet have the best solution to control the brightness of the lights. Zero crossing circuit prevents dimming with phase control. Even if I use a triac without zero crossing circuit, I still have to detect sync the uController with the mains frequency to accuratelly dim the lights.

    Regards, Tomaz

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