Open Source Home Automation with FlyPort and Konnex Bus

Posted by openPicus | On: Nov 18 2011

A new application with FlyPort on home automation! This is about controlling the lights on bus konnex (presented at LinuxDay @Urbino), the multiroom music through to speakers connected to FlyPort with audio nest. You can also monitor the temperature and the humidity thanks to a sensor connected to FlyPort.

The system doesn’t connect Flyport to the konnex bus. It is a linux server installed on a router which enables the control of a konnex plant. It’s possible to turn-on/off the lights, displaying everything on the web page. FlyPort is used for the audio streaming and for monitoring the temperature of the environement. By selecting a room from the webserver map it’s also possible to select the source, such as particular song. The web interface is on linux server, not on Flyport.
The project is very interesting because it integrates into a single system Flyport with a supervision server konnex, which is the worldwide standard for home automation.
Here’s the video:

AuthHome: Open Source Home Automation:
-bus konnex control
-streaming audio multiroom
-temperature and humidity control
-cloud integration

More on Konnex (KNX) bus:
Konnex is an European technologic standard which integrates all the bus systems for Home and Building Automation. The Konnex standard expresses in a single system the best solution for the development software and use.


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