How to connect a humidity and temperature sensor to the Flyport

Posted by openPicus | On: Dec 21 2011

Adonatelli, one of our openPICUS Forum user, connected a humidity and temperature sensor (RHT03) to the Flyport.

These are the Flyport and the RHT03 sensor mounted on a breadboard. Connections are straightforward. IN5 is connected to PIN 2 of the RHT03 which is also connected with a 1K resistor to power. PIN 1 goes also to power while the others PINs are connected to ground.

This is the web interface of the project that you will get pointing your browser to the flyport address:

The application contains a basic web page to show the functionalities of Flyport and how to control the digital IOs and monitor the analog inputs from the browser. The page uses AJAX requests to update the values of the analog and digital IOs.
The web pages contains images and is formatted with a css stylesheet.

In this example, the user frmware is very basic, it just connects to the default network using the command WFConnect(WF_DEFAULT) and awaits for the connection to be established (monitoring the system variable WFStatus). By default, Flyport creates an open ad hoc network, but all the parameters can be changed running the wizard.

Download the project from openPICUS Projects


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