Meet the Flyport Audio Board Developer!

Posted by openPicus | On: Dec 16 2011

Yesterday came in our office, Andrea, the guy who developed the Flyport audio board. Arrived here, he played ping-pong with the guys and then he shown us his application.

Andrea presented his invention at LinuxDay in Urbino. This application is about controlling the lights on bus konnex, the multiroom music through speakers connected to FlyPort with audio nest. You can also monitor the temperature and the humidity thanks to a sensor connected to FlyPort.

Konnex is an European technologic standard which integrates all the bus systems for Home and Building Automation. Everything is remotely managed and synchronized in order to manage the house in the cloud on the google server engine:

We played a little! :)

We are always happy to meet our developers! You come here and present your project with Flyport and we’ll publish it on our blog and offer you some cakes!… and a ping pong match! So, who’s next? 😀

[on the photo, Andrea – to the left – and Claudio talking about the application]


  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m fond of this information.
    Anything else about this? I’ interested on konex interface
    Great job!!

  2. Claudio says:

    As soon we are gonna open a new Forum where users like Andrea can present themself with their contacts. In this way you can get in touch to each other to share informations about specific projects.

    What do you think?

  3. Charudatt says:

    Good Idea, as this would be one of the most Interesting project on Flyport.

    Thank you.

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