How to drive a lamp from an iPhone using Flyport

Posted by openPicus | On: Jan 05 2012

On youtube, we found a new application with Flyport: switch on/of a lamp with iPhone.

The user used the simplicity and flexibility of the Flyport connector (pinstrip 13×2) to develop a simple and a functional DIY PCB, that any hobbyist can mount, bypassing the difficulty of mounting SMD components as they are already present on the Flyport module.

I just want you to remember some application of Flyport:
    email alert when freezer is defrosting
    Vending machines management via web
    Simply connect the real world to the Cloud
    smartphone controlled garden irrigation

And you?! What are you waiting for?! Start your project with flyport! 😉


  1. pcb assembly says:

    Such an awesome tech.. Iphone apps really rocks.
    Can you share it pcb layout ?

  2. Claudio says:

    if you wait a few days we will release the new Lighting Nest….4 Rele, 1 dimmer with Triac and based on Flyport module. Stay Tuned!

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