How to inteface Flyport to cloud services -1st part

Posted by openPicus | On: Jan 18 2012

This article is just a small taste of a new Application Note that the guys from openPICUS Lab are developing.

We want to create our Internet of Things application using the cloud services. We choose ThingSpeak.

Thingspeak is an application platform. ThingSpeak Apps are apps that make it easier for devices to access resources on the web such as social networks, web services, and APIs. The guys at ThingSpeak describe it as “an open application platform designed to enable meaningful connections between things and people”

Interface Flyport to cloud services – To do what?

In this application we want to use Flyport using ThinkSpeak to draw charts, to update our Twitter profile and to read the temperature of a city (Rome in our case).

Stay tuned to openPICUS Flyport Blog not to lose the release of this new DIY.


  1. JML says:

    I have done the same with Nimbits, that is an alternate web service to collect data
    I fixed the nimbits library I found on the site, and have good example I will publish too.

  2. Ionela says:

    your application is interesting too! if you want to share it with us, feel free too contact me!

  3. The wireless connectivity makes the Flyport special and helps connecting things to the world. You can connect it to various signals, input or output, also analog signals that you can measure or control. And the Flyport can be made to automatically log in and stay connected to servers on the Internet as soon as it turns on, so that people from anywhere can access the equipment that you have connected the Flyport to using those signal lines. The possibilities are very wide. Once many people begin seeing what is possible we will see more and more of “connecting to Things” so people can have meaningful interaction with that stuff from wherever they are.

  4. Hey JML – i’m Ben Sautner, founder of nimbits. I caught this comment during my daily scouring of the internet for nimbits usage. It would be great to hear about the fix you made to the nimbits library. You can contribute to it on github, or post it to our forum.

  5. JML says:

    Indeed, but I look at various sites to generalise the approach to any web service.. if possible.
    I tried thingspeak with success, nimbits also, and all that seems fine, but I got few problems while cleaning my experiments to give clean software, and I am on a crash analysis… but that will be solved soon (after the weekend hopefully)

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