USB Mini Programmer is Now Ready

Posted by openPicus | On: Jan 26 2012

Here it is! Our USB Mini Programmer is a small and low cost USB to serial converter. The mini USB connector has 6 pin at 2,54 mm pitch. USB Mini programmer has a standard interface.

USB Mini Programmer is a board for programming Flyport WiFi and Flyport Ethernet; it connects to the PC via USB. JP2, the programming connector, provides 5V.

The pinout:
1 +5V
2 +3,3V (optional)
4 RX (must be connected to the URX pin of Flyport)
5 TX (must be connected to the UTX pin of Flyport)
6 Reset (must be connected to the RESET pin of Flyport)

PCB dimensions: L 47,5 mm, H 27,5 mm

USB Mini Programmer – advantages
– the FTDI chip won’t be mounted on-board on all the products to save the cost
– low cost
– the programming is compatible with all IDE versions powerd by openPICUS.

Soon USB Mini Programmer will be available on line!


  1. JML says:

    I don’t see how I may use this with Flyport wifi ?

  2. Ionela says:

    It will be a new programmer for flyport family devices.
    Every nest will have a programming connector 100% compatible with usb miniprog without the need of USB Nest programming board

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