Lighting Nest Expansion board for Flyport

Posted by openPicus | On: Feb 13 2012

A new born on openPICUS family! Lighting Nest is a nest expansion board for lighting applications compatible with all Flyport modules.

On board, there are 4 Relays, 2 opto-isolated inputs (dry contacts or 0-5/10V), 1 Dimmered Triac (zero-crossing circuit) to drive the lights and other loads with Flyport modules over your Network or remotely over Internet.

The relays are 5 Amps, Triac output is max 250W. Lighting Nest is compatible with Nest Box (plastic housing). The board has the 6 ways miniUSB PROG connector that fits the MINIUSB PROGRAMMER.

Lighting Nest – specifications
– 5V power input
– 4 Relays output (5A max current)
– 1 Dimmered Triac output (1A max current)
– 2 opto-isolated inputs (dry contacts or 0-5V/10V)
– Compatible with each Flyport Module
– Optional Power input over Ethernet (max 6V)
– Optional RJ45 connector (to be used with Flyport Ethernet without RJ45 connector onboard)
– 130*56mm

The applications of the Lighting Nest
– Light/load control using a web basde interface
– Light/load control over internet
– Remote boiler on/off
– Light dimming

Download the datasheet, the schematic and the assembly of the Lighting Nest

This product is available on our STORE or through our resellers.


  1. Charudatt says:

    Is this board / Nest available via Microchip ? I guess Microchip is a reseller !

  2. Juan says:

    Where can I get the library for this board? It is not on the download section. Thanks

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