miniUSB Programmer and Proto Nest now available!

Posted by openPicus | On: Feb 07 2012

Here is an interesting news for all Flyport enthusiasts: we have a Proto Nest expansion board and a universal miniUSB programmer!

Let’s discover the 2 products:

Proto Nest: speed up your prototypes!

Proto Nest is a general purpose prototype board compatible with all Flyport modules. The 6 ways PROG connector fits the MINIUSB PROGRAMMER to download firmware to the Flyport modules.

There’s a 50*50mm Prototype area where you can develop your circuits and the cool thing is that this board fits the Nest Box (Hammond 1593XBK) in black ABS: your prototypes are ready for a plastic enclosure!

Proto Nest Specifications:
J1, J2 compatible with Flyport Modules (Wi-Fi or Ethernet)
5V DC input
6 ways PROG connector
Optional RJ45 connector

miniUSB Programmer: 9 Euro to start development with Flyport modules! miniUSB Programmer is suitable for firmware download to Flyport modules on Nest boards.

Signals on 6 ways PROG connector are:
1. 5V output
2. NC
3. GND

How the stuff works

Flyport WiFi on ProtoNest with miniUSB programmer

Flyport Ethernet on ProtoNest with miniUSB programmer

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  1. Charudatt says:

    So when is the Flyport Ethernet rolling out.

  2. Claudio says:

    Flyport Ethernet is ready for shipment, but the IDE 2.2 is still under testing (it’s not compatible with IDE 2.1) – so we are gonna make it available together with the new IDE 2.2
    It’s gonna be around middle February I think

  3. Charudatt says:

    that some good news, and shall anxiously wait for its release. Will it be also available via Microchip Direct ?


  4. Ionela says:

    yes, but in the meanwhile you can buy it from our store 😉

  5. Charudatt says:

    The shipping / Duty Taxes , (cost) would kill, Microchip Direct is the best in both these areas.

    Anyway, what would be the indicative price of these modules ? or would it be early to comment !


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