Our Impressions from Embedded World 2012

Posted by openPicus | On: Mar 05 2012

Last week openPICUS Team was at Embedded World 2012 Exhibition! We were happy to see the Electronics industry is blossom. At our stand, we met a lot of companies and we discussed about the great range of possibilities that Internet creates on embedded market.

Everybody was impressed about the custom integrated Webserver on Flyport. Yes, the Webserver! Normally in embedded products the integrated webserver is very poor and with limited ways of customizations. On Flyport is completely different, extremely powerful and highly customizable.

At the stand, we were showing a new application: LEGO NXT2WIFI Interface. The project was made by a member of the openPicus Community that is a great expert of LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics. We were able to control the LEGO Robot, NXT2WIFI, using an iPad just with the browser. It was possible to move, to change the light of the colors and also to read the distance by the ultrasonic distance sensor.

This is a new step for openPicus project: we are sponsoring community projects and then we can also sell these products with royalties for the maker!

What we noticed at the show is that people needs a little to understand the Flyport is not a simple transceiver or serial-to-wifi solution, but a real System on Module. We have to make it more clear in the website and docs.

A second feedback is that we need to create some tool for Web pages creation, people want to work inside our IDE, they don’t want to make external pages then import into the IDE.

What else? Well the German beer! Great time in Nurnberg, we appreciated the food, the beer and the people. We met several community member and we have all evenings busy having great talks with some resellers, companies and also friends there.

Have you been at Embedded World? Did you meet us? Let us know in Comments section.


  1. rolfz says:

    Hey guys, looks like you enjoy the place and the beer, congratulation for the great demo, looks very professional! I am currently working on decoding the 433mhz OOK signal from low-cost meteo station (sensors), would like to put that on the flyport so I can watch my weather info from my smartphone. Still some work to do, but making good progress.

  2. Ionela says:

    Cool, Rolfz! We hope you’ll share your Project with us and with our Community!

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