Democracy and home automation

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 20 2012
Home automation has always been one of the few electronics and information technology fields ordinary folks are all fashinated by as well as pure geeks at heart. We all dream of a home that suits our habits, which communicates with us in a natural, “emphatic”, way and home automation has always been a topic of interest to those who have a special relationship with technology.
Despite these premises, however, home automation has always been the field of proprietary and closed technologies and this has greatly reduced the potential penetration in an otherwise potentially huge market, full of creativity just waiting to express itself.
Think about the way we relate with our homes: all of us have a special willingness and inclination to change her home, adapt it to special needs, making it personal at the end of the day, developing a very personal relationship with it.
Is not too hard to believe, and that’s our actual vision, that – if provided with good, simple and immediate tools – geeks, DIYers and householder from around the world would be always implementing home automation hacks like automatic lights, intelligent washing machines, security and privacy mechanisms, environment adaptive furniture or, just to say, methods to distribute audio or to save energy effectively in their homes. There’s really no limit to imagination and expression of creativity.
With this in mind, we are hunting the market since months for projects proposing democratic home automation solutions that are simple, open and re-usable: we’ve found lots of interesting projects – that we are contacting these days – such as the beautiful Lelylan project – a promising initiative that aims to create a full the ecosystem for home automation – or also open source inspired initiatives such as Open Source Automation, or Free Domotic both very promising in terms of community engagement and shared development choices (we love open things as you know). If you have interesting initiatives please share a comment or a mail here
With great pleasure, therefore, a few days ago, we were contacted by Raùl at CISIUM: they used our Flyport Wi Fi module to build a very well performing prototype of a home automation solution that aims to be simple and open so we decided to feature the project in our community project wall: you will find a detailed explanation of how the boys have created their own solution using the FlyPort technology as a hub of communication between the different components.
You can see here the project.

People around the world confirm every day to us the openPicus products modularity, elasticity and simplicity: they realize ideas, prototypes and commercial products with ease and with impressively short time to market.
You out there who are working with openPicus products, please contact us, your creation will be featured our project showcase wall and will be a pleasure for us to welcome you to our community and work closely with you to create new, bottom up, and democratic innovations – in the field of home automation and more.

PS: I just take the chance to present myself as I’m new to the blog. I’m @meedabyte, a blogger and p2p design expert: I’ll be helping openPICUS  to build a thriving community and my posts will be guested on the blog from time to time!


  1. Ake says:

    Hi I am Ake Hedman (, the maintainer of the VSCP project ( Just want to tell you that we will support flyport also with some demos. I already have one module that control my fridge where it replaces the control logic that broke down a few months ago.

    VSCP is a project for (home) automation that was started 2000 so it’s been a around for some years. It contains a free protocol (or abstraction) and software for Windows/Linux. The design hides the harware and one software can control any hardware and hardware with same functionality can be intechanged.

    There is some info hhere

  2. Ciao Ake,
    thanks for pointing it out! the team is already looking into it! seems great, we’ll get back in touch for sure!

  3. Ake
    thanks for your comment. We checked and he VSCP project sounds interesting. Send me an email we can also talk about a kind of partnership between our projects!

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