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Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 06 2012
I’m just back from 2 exciting days in Paris at M2M forum with openPicus reseller for France Giga-Concept.
It’s the second time here in less than 1 year and I love the city, so stylish and with special charme.
We were showing to the people involved in M2M (machine to machine communication) the advantages of the Internet connectivity with a standard interface, the Webserver, on Flyport.

Laurent Muchensturm, the brilliant CEO of Giga Concept helped a lot with translation between ‘my english’ and french. But not only, Laurent has a great electronic background and his company is really what normally is called an Added Value Reseller. The role of this market player is to find applications for the Flyport, sitting with customers and co-designing special solution to solve their connectivity problems.

Maybe you also remember the nice story of Antoine Monmarché? Antoine was a student at Tours University 1 year ago. When Giga-Concept started to sell Flyport, Laurent called us to have an advice to hire a FAE (field application enginner) to follow our technology.
I proposed to speak with Antoine (he was very near to graduation that time) and he was hired immediately.
Now Antoine is a growing FAE, full of enthusiasm and curiosity to put hands on different technology and with Laurent around is not so difficult! :-)

Antoine prepared also a really nice application for the show: a Flyport powered mailbox! Flyport is connected to a sensor that detects when you receive a new mail or package into your mailbox. It activates and immediatly sends an email to your account!
Check this out!

We had a really great meeting with a big player in the home automation, we will work on a prototype together with Giga-Concept and we will post here something really amazing….

And we had some fun: here I’m driving the new great product concept of Laurent: it’s an electrical scooter only 12kg and 25km/h of max speed! That’s amazing and be aware at the next show you are going…I can be around! :-)

And here we are all together:

Every travel is an experience and I’m hungry of meetings, brainstormings and ideas, so when we meet with Giga-Concept there is the positive energy of creation in the air (maybe this is too philosophical…sorry!)

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