Nest boxes : your prototype shines!

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 02 2012
When we make our electronic prototypes a common problem is: where to find a nice and easy to customize housing for my new jewel? 

We thought about this when we decided to use a mechanical format for the NEST expansion boards. Today we mounted the Lighting nest with the new Flyport Ethernet (external RJ45 connector version) and here are the pictures.

As you can see on the next picture also the Flyport Wi-Fi fits into the box and you can also fix the board to the plastic using 4 screws (provided with the Nest Box)
The boards fits perfectly the box and on the front face is place the DC connector and the optional RJ45 (to be used with FLYPORT Ethernet version without RJ45 onboard). On the rear there are the connectors model SH02 EUROCLAMP for the outputs of the board.


These boxes are in ABS and you can customize with:
– Front and rear panels (easy to drill and to cnc)
– Top face : you can drill for leds and pushbuttons…
– Sticker : add a sticker on the top face to make your prototype look very professional

A smaller version (miniNEST) will be ready as soon, but since there’s really small space for extra components we are gonna use this only for small sensors or other simple devices.

You can buy these boxes in openPicus Store under Boxes,Power,Battery category or from your nearest Hammond Enclosures reseller (even Digikey has these boxes in stock).

What are you goind to create now? 😉

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  1. Nice router boxes shown here.

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