SD Cards with FAT32 on FLYPORT

Posted by openPicus | On: Apr 10 2012
The porting of FatFs libraries on FLYPORT modules was done, and we released an application note with two example templates, one for FLYPORT wifi and one for FLYPORT ethernet! Thanks to Rolf Ziegler that has done the first porting of petitFatFs module (a smaller and limited version of the library), the FatFs easily landed to FLYPORT modules!


One of the bigger problems of embedded microcontrollers is the limited memory available. In case of need of large storage size, external memories can be used, like EEPROM or FLASH… but to read data written inside those memories is not a easy task in common environment like PC, smartphones, etc…

With the use of SD-Card (and microSD-Cards) with the FAT32 File System, data written inside the memories is 100% compatible with both microcontrollers and PCs. Just plug the card on your board, or on your PC slot… and you can exchange data between so different worlds.

Also, the storage size of SD-Cards using FAT32 can be up to 2 Gigabyte… and it is really a large storage size for embedded devices!

Software stuff
The implementation of FAT32 File System was done using the FatFs File System Module. Those library is developed by, and is free and opensource!
It’s modular structure permits to customize its features, and reduce the program and data memory occupation of FLYPORT’s microcontroller. 
With this library, FLYPORT modules can read, write, create, delete files and folders.
Those libraries can be insert in every project, and can be used for dataloggers of sensors datas, or settings parameters save, etc…

Hardware used
The hardware used is the protoNEST with SD-Card holder and very few connections between FLYPORT and memorycard. Hand solder those component is a easy job, and hobbyist and maker can have lots of fun! 

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  1. Charudatt says:

    Can you host webpages on the SD Card for use with Flyport ? This will give a much wider choice of Webpages with PIC’s and Icons.

  2. it’s gonna be possible, not at the moment…

  3. Charudatt says:

    Thanks for the promising answer…..

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