Flyport FTP Client: How to use it (Application Note)

Posted by openPicus | On: May 17 2012
Flyport has an important feature: the FTP Client onboard. The FTP Client allows the module to connect to a remote FTP server in order to download or upload data.
For instance, this feature is extremely useful when you want to create dataloggers with Flyport.
But not only. 

As you know, the Flyport Ethernet has a 16 Mbit Flash memory onboard together with a special bootloader. It means you can upgrade the module firmware over Internet! We’ll release a new application note about this great feature soon.

For now let’s focus just on the FTP client application note.

First of all, we have created a local FTP server on a PC, using Filezilla and sharing a local folder. Now we have to connect Flyport to this FTP Server. Let’s see how easy it is!

Inside the Application Note Code there are 4 new functions you can use on your firmware:
– FTPConnection()
– FTPDownload()
– FTPUpload()
– FTPClose()

FTPConnection is made to connect any server (parameters are IP address, port, username and password).
FTPDownload and FTPUpload are made to download or upload/append data from/to a specific file on the FTP server.
FTPClose just closes the connection.

As you can see, everything is extremely easy and we are sure the FTP Client mode for Flyport enables a lot of interesting applications!

Here you can download the APPLICATION NOTE (Code for Flyport Wi-Fi / Code for Flyport Ethernet and PDF description).

Feel free to post on our Forum any question or to report any kind of problems with it, we need your support!

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    really eager to see the AN about updating the application through FTP server!

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