openPicus domoPORT: Demo for Innovative City event

Posted by openPicus | On: Jun 08 2012
We are back from Nice, 2 days in that wonderful city, I love it!

We’ve been there invited by EnOcean Alliance, which we are part now. First of all, it was a really important moment to get to know other companies and people into the Alliance and to present them openPicus and the open source model.

We presented a demo for this very occasion: it’s called domoPORT and actually is a Flyport Wi-Fi with an EnOcean transceiver, a relay and a current sensor. This smart plug is controlled by browser (the one into the Flyport, with a nice graphic interface) and it’s able to show in real time the power consumption.
But not only: it also turns off the load in case of overload and sends an email to alert you!

Using the EnOcean technology you can also turn off/on the load or you can use this plug as gateway to control EnOcean devices over the Internet!

To be honest, me and Gabriele worked up to 3am in the night before the show to fix the current sensor because of some instability…but it’s normal before any presentation, we got used to that! :-)

Here’s the video:

On the next picture we are with Armin Anders, Vice president of EnOcean and co-founder. With Armin we spoke a lot about the fact that technology must be designed for the people, it shall be easy, frictionless and with a great attention to the environment. He’s a real guru of this since most of EnOcean devices are based on Energy Harvesting and it’s amazing that you can turn on a light with a batteryless switch from 100 meters!

No battery => No installation => No pollution => No maintenance => amazing!

Armin spoke with me also about the beginning of the company and the growth. It’s always great when people with the same passion get in touch, ideas and energy come as a river: that’s impossible to stop!

Here is Graham Martin with us, CEO of the EnOcean alliance:
EnOcean is really a great partner, they have this amazing batteryless technology and they are very open minded hardworking people. It’s a great opportunity for openPicus to create a new era into the home automation, expecially for the DIYrs. 
Open source helps people to share ideas and to solve problems together and in this rising attention phase for home automation (finally!) I think that this will be a winning approach.
Stay tuned, ton of news are coming….
Posted by Claudio Carnevali, @akaclaudio

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